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Blocked drains are a problem that nobody wants around their home. Unfortunately with so many old drains in the area it is only a matter of time before you have a drain blockage of some sort at you home. Whether it be a blocked a storm water pipe or a blocked sewer pipe Plumber Bayview can make your blocked drain nightmare go away fast. We are available 24/7… just give us a call and we will be there fast!

What’s one of the worst things that can happen in your home? We will say it: a blocked drain. When the pipes can no longer hold the buildup of waste water in your drainage system, especially from your bathroom, the pipes fill up and overflow raw sewage. All those nasty smelly things are scattered just outside your home or even worse…inside your house. Eew!

Of course, you can try the primitive methods of clearing out the drain including using hangers and pumps, but these don’t guarantee you can get rid of the problem anytime soon. Besides, it’s possible that the cause isn’t found in the toilet!

Why deal with all the mess and spend so much time cleaning and maintaining drains all by yourself? Give the job to the experts!

What We Offer

Plumber Bayview is a favorite go-to team by those who are suffering from blocked drains. We cover a wide area starting from Bayview, Sydney and its neighboring suburbs.

Our process is very comprehensive. Once you call us or inform us of your issues, we immediately send our team of experts into your home to conduct a very thorough inspection. Yes, we don’t rely on photos or descriptions, no matter how good you are at it. Sometimes the main problem cannot be easily seen.

Moreover, to help us conduct the investigation more thoroughly, we make use of hi-tech tools such as a CCTV inspection or a drain camera. It’s a very flexible and narrow camera that can easily fit into your drainage. We can then use it to check on pipes and other areas to specifically identify the root cause.

24/7 Help

A blocked drain is one of those household dilemmas that you should not postpone to a much later date. It should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid far worse consequences.

That’s why we offer an emergency assistance service that’s available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Anytime you need help, call 1800 65 94 54 and we’ll dispatch a team ASAP.

Root Control

Do you know that roots of trees can actually cause blockages in drainage? This usually happens when your system is located outside and near vegetation. Roots can get into the smallest cracks in the pipes and grow from there. After all, it’s a great source of nutrients and water for the tree or plant.

Many solutions are in the market to kill the roots, but they are not harmful to the tree itself, they will only kill the roots for a short distance outside the pipe.

We always recommend to our clients an ingenious root control solution known as Vaporooter. This specially made solution is pumped down the sewer as foam to control aggressive tree root growth. It is especially formulated so it only kills the roots that are growing inside the system and a short distance outside the pipe.


Before we begin the actual process of clearing the drainage, we first create a plan, which you need to approve. This means no work is done unless you agree with it. We are fully covered with liability insurance, and we don’t leave the job until it’s completely finished.

Stop the blocked drainage today. Call us.

Bio-Clean…. The Natural Drain Cleaner!

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Chemical Tree Root Control in Bayview

For very stubborn tree root infestations where it is difficult or too expensive to dig up and replace the drain we recommend treating the drain with Vaporooter chemical root control. It will not kill the trees, but will kill the tree roots in the drain for a short distance just outside the pipe. It it […]

Techniques used for clearing blocked drains

There are several ways to tackle a blocked sewer pipe in Bayview, for small drains like kitchen sinks and hand basins the most common way is by using a plunger followed by some drain cleaning acid. If the blocked drain is caused by tree roots then a water jet or electric eel will be required […]

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